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Monday, January 29, 2018

Vigilance and love in the face of what we hate


As a product of a community of punk that we all have helped to create, we sometimes have to look back to when we were young. We saw the world from the perspective of outcasts, of oddballs, of lost souls from an island of misfit toys, of people that felt they had to rebel, but at times we may not have known what we were rebelling against.

And now that I am older I am here to say, “My friends, this thoughtful struggle never ends.” We must always be vigilant. We must always strive to prevent ourselves from becoming what we hate. And what we hate changes over time. We must be aware of what new hates come from experience and which ones come from surrender.

Recently I went through a punk existential dilemma questioning my place in this scene. I want to thank my friends for helping me to see the perspectives needed to make my own decisions to continue this fight to be a positive force, my rebellion to face adversity with kindness and unabashed individuality.

This is a modern sense of individuality, an individuality that admits it owes its unique perspective to the community from which it grew. And even though often I would just prefer to be alone to figure shit out, I must also have the humility to realize, I don’t have all the answers. So listen to each other, ultimately make up your own mind, but sometimes listen to your closest friends when they give advice that makes you feel uncomfortable or even if they just say, “Shut the fuck up for one moment, listen to me, and just live your life.”

My two cents is, don’t fear the negativity within you, but present it to loved ones, your closest friends, present it to them asking for advice, before fucking up your life. Because they can help you see through the bullshit you weave and help you to turn your gloom into a lesson. But this assistance does not come free, you must respect these friends that go beyond the expected, and let them know that you are there for them too.

If all else in this post passes quickly before you, remember that we must give what we take. Let your friends know that they are important to your pursuit of living a fulfilling life.

- A special thanks for Massimo, Paul, Paige, William, and Mr. Deeds.
- cool art by Paul Russel.

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