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Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey music fanatics, you may be the only ones who like this. But while it takes me long periods of time to piece together my Jughead's Basement Podcast, because of interviews and editing, I have decided to experiment with a side podcast that explores the different genres that have influenced me. These are done quick, in one night. They are full songs by bands of a certain genre and have short stories of their influence on me. Honestly I don't know if this would be interesting to anyone, but wanted to give it a try.

This one is a first attempt at Hard Rock/Heavy Metal.  If I continue this format I'm pretty sure there will be a couple under this heading.  This one tends to focus on the chaos of my childhood and on my good friend from near birth John Braun.

PS: listening back two corrections so far:1. I comment on Paul Di'anno of Iron Maiden being bitter about his Iron Maiden days and not having anything else to say. I did not do enough studying online to make this sort of statement. I only saw a couple youtube videos that tainted my image of what I thought he would be, and decided not to search out anymore. He has had many non Iron Maiden related projects, and my info is shallow at best.2. I started highschool in 81 not 85. I graduated class of 85.

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